we samay im FOGS Green Style Magazin

we samay in the FOGS Green Style Magazine

The FOGS Green Style magazine stands for the urban and "green lifestyle" like no other magazine in German-speaking countries. This makes FOGS the leading premium magazine for a sustainable lifestyle and reports exclusively on green products, innovative ideas & design as well as outstanding ecological travel destinations.

Anyone who leads a conscious and sustainable lifestyle will look forward to exciting interviews with entrepreneurs, interesting personalities and captivating reports on the topic of green lifestyle in FOGS. The magazine also shows sustainable news from the areas of fashion, beauty, design, architecture, living and mobility.

we samay sustainable partner looks FOGS MAGAZIN

Mom and Female Founder

In the "LABEL TO WATCH" article from FOGS magazine, the reader also learns what drove we samay founder Sarah to venture out of the mom role and into the female founder role.

Even today, when women become self-employed, it is a bit of a sensation. In fact, the proportion of women founding start-ups in Germany is currently just 11.9% (more information in the Female Founders Report 2021 ). The proportion of mothers among female founders is even lower.

Is it brave or crazy when you start a fashion label as a mother? What if you choose self-employment instead of a permanent job? And then developed a new fashion brand. Aren't there enough fashion brands already?

Find out more about we samay, the story behind the brand, the founder and the collection in the exciting article LABEL TO WATCH: WE SAMAY from FOGS Green Style Magazine.


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