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"With we samay I want to create sustainable partner looks for children and adults that look good and do good at the same time. Because: everyone has responsibility, whether privately or professionally. Every purchasing decision we make decides a little about our future and also about the future of others."

Sarah Kokal, founder of we samay

Partner look dress mom daughter mini me outfit

«Wow mom, your dress is beautiful. You look like a princess. I would like to have such a great dress too.” And then big tears started rolling out of my little daughter's eyes. Why? She really wanted to wear this dress and knew full well that it was impossible.

With us it's like it often is with little girls: everything from mom is great - shoes, nail polish, necklace, dress... Kind of sweet , right?

“I’ll find you a dress that looks like mine.” I answered.
This began a long search for partner look dresses and mini me outfits for me. Because I couldn't find anything that I even remotely wanted to buy. The partner look dresses and mini me outfits that I found were unwearable in my opinion: synthetic & cheap fabrics, production in East Asia, long transport routes, immoral working conditions. For me, the conventional Mini Me dresses are a prime example of how things shouldn't work in the textile industry. With such cheap products, careful and fair treatment of people and nature is not possible.

Unwearable conventional partner looks Mini Me outfits

With we samay I show that it is possible: high-quality partner looks and mini me outfits that are in line with fair and careful production.

sustainable partner looks we samay unisex sweater


By wearing a we samay partner look or Mini Me outfit, you show your connection with your loved ones and at the same time make a statement for fair fashion.

The core idea of ​​every we samay collection is to express the feeling of “we”: us as a family, us as a couple, us as friends or simply us as people. We belong Together. We are all the same.

Sustainable partner looks Mini Me outfits

The brand name also expresses the WE feeling: we for us.

samay is made up of the initials of the founder Sarah and her two daughters. In Sanskrit, samay means “the right time to do something.” And that right time for Sarah was in spring 2021, when she decided to realize her plans for a sustainable partner look brand.

Partner looks for adults and children


we samay is based in Switzerland, right on the beautiful Lake Constance and was founded by Sarah Kokal. The first sustainable partner look collection was Mini Me outfits for moms and their children, which was successfully launched in September 2021. The feedback was great, so the partner looks were expanded to include unisex sweaters in December and men now also wear Mini Me outfits or couple looks.

Sarah has been running her fair fashion startup alone so far: design, online shop, marketing, sales, logistics, shipping, administration and much more is all done by her.

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