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With the we samay products you are taking fair responsibility in the truest sense of the word. The entire value chain is resource-conserving, responsible, transparent and fair.

Every decision made at we samay was carefully examined for its ethical and environmental implications. People and nature are equally at the center of every business process and are supported.

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Unfortunately, the textile industry is still one of the dirtiest industries in the world and puts extreme strain on nature and ecosystems in many regions. Dyeing textiles, particularly fast fashion textiles, is the second largest source of global water pollution.

As a fair fashion startup, we samay would like to make a further contribution to environmental protection in addition to sustainable value creation and therefore supports the WWF in its valuable work.

A particular focus of the WWF is on protecting the oceans. we samay would like to support these important projects in the long term and therefore donates part of its sales to the WWF.


"I am grateful every day that I can live my dreams. With my partner looks I want to bring joy to other people and put a smile on their faces when they wear the outfits with their loved ones."

Sarah Kokal, founder of we samay

Fashion is fun. It reflects our personality and our mood. It expresses our values. What is important to us in life.

Fashion is an attitude

We samay's stance is clearly in favor of maintaining social justice, regardless of gender, origin or religion. I am aware that not every mother in the world has the privilege of thinking about partner looks with her child. How many children do not have secure access to medical care even in 2022? How many children are still malnourished today?

With we samay I would like to set an example and support the textile industry. That's why we samay supports the international children's rights organization Save the Children with a monthly donation of 1% of sales.

we samay and Save the Children Switzerland

we samay and Save the Children


Save the Children is the world's leading children's rights organization and has been campaigning for children's rights internationally since 1919. Our shared vision is a world where every child survives, learns and is protected.

Every child deserves a future.

Every child has the right to health and nutrition.

Save the Children is committed to ensuring that no child under the age of 5 dies from preventable causes by 2030. These include, for example: premature births, complications during pregnancy or birth, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia and malaria.

I am firmly convinced of the positive results of the Save the Children programs and am happy to be part of this valuable work with we samay.

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For many companies, sustainability is a marketing issue. Not for we samay! Sustainability is a given throughout we samay's entire value creation and is the basis of every business decision. Even as a small fashion brand, it is possible to work mindfully and conserve resources without the sustainable products becoming unaffordable.


Attentive and transparent value creation at we samay means: conserving resources, avoiding plastic, using high-quality and natural materials and providing open information about production. Greenwashing has no place here.

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Let's be honest, first and foremost we want to look good. How great is it when our favorite part also helps to strengthen people and nature?!

eco clothing

The we samay partner looks show that fair fashion is colorful, feels wonderful, is fun, looks good and even supports other people.

In order to always ensure high quality materials, only renewable raw materials or recycled materials from fair and certified manufacturers are used for the products. In addition, all the fabrics used are mono-fabric. This means, for example, always 100% organic cotton, i.e. only one fiber per material. Mixed fabrics are not used because they are very difficult to recycle.

The current products are made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell or 100% organic cotton.

We samay sustainable fashion our materials made from Tencel

A maximum of 2 different materials are used per collection in order to avoid any “leftover”. Thanks to the partner look concept, we samay automatically works in a resource-saving manner, as the materials used are selected so that they fit men, women and children.

Another special feature at we samay is that all the materials used come from Turkey, where production also takes place. This avoids unnecessary transport routes and long supply chains.


All partner look designs are created in Switzerland and designed by the founder herself - in the classic way as handwritten sketches.

The pattern creation, sample production and final production take place at MD Tekstil in Izmir. MD Tekstil is a 2nd generation German-Turkish family business with OEKO-Tex 100 certification and over 30 years of experience in textile manufacturing.

Fair fashion production we samay

We were convinced of the fair working conditions and high social standards on site. Through the professional expertise of MD Tekstil, we samay guarantees high quality and longevity of the products.

we samay production fair fashion



In e-commerce you need sturdy packaging materials that protect all products from dust and water and bring them safely to your home. Finding sustainable and plastic-free packaging that also meets the requirements of e-commerce and is affordable was a bit of a challenge. With great support from MD Tekstil, the textile producer, we implemented together that after production each individual item of clothing would not be packed in a plastic bag as usual, but would be sent to the we samay warehouse in Germany in a paper bag made of FSC®-certified paper.

The unique shipping boxes from we samay even save trees! Because all shipping boxes are made from 30% grass fiber and 70% FSC®-certified waste paper and are one of the most sustainable shipping solutions currently available on the market.

Grass cardboard sustainable packaging in e-commerce


Where does sustainability begin and where does it end?

Using capital sensibly and carefully is absolutely important for a sustainable company. That's why for we samay, sustainable business also means working with a bank where we can be sure that every euro finances good things. we samay wants to use its financial resources responsibly. That's why we samay works with GLS Bank as a partner. GLS Bank was the first bank to develop green banking for Germany in 1974.

What characterizes a sustainable bank?

GLS Bank only grants loans to sensible social and ecological companies. Every loan granted is carefully checked and must meet the sustainable criteria of the GLS.

As a customer, you can decide for yourself in which area (e.g. nutrition, education & culture, sustainable economy) your money works. we samay uses the Social & Health section. In this way, important projects in these areas can also be supported.