Bye, bye 2022 - Hello 2023

Bye, bye 2022 - Hello 2023

Bye, bye 2022

we samay has been around for exactly one year and 3 months now. An incredible amount has happened within this short period of time. The first full financial year is behind me in 2022 and with it a roller coaster ride of events and feelings.

2022 was an exciting year for we samay. There were pop-up areas in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

In May 2022, I was able to introduce we samay to a wide audience of media and press at the "Digital Press Week" together with presenter Sandra Kuhn in a partner look.

Sandra Kuhn we samay Interview

Two great events in Zurich and Konstanz enabled me to come into direct contact with you, hear feedback and see the we samay products worn by different people. This was particularly valuable for me because I would not have such insights with a purely online shop.

That's why I'm really looking forward to 2023, when there will be more events, trade fairs and pop-up areas from we samay.

we samay Pop-Up Munich

I was particularly happy about so much strong support from very different people. Thank you for your trust in we samay!

Hello 2023

For the new year, I wish all of us that we as people are there for each other more and find each other again. That we treat each other with respect and appreciation, work together on a positive future and treat the world with care.

Because these are exactly the thoughts behind we samay.

We are all the same, we are all human. Let's take care of each other and our environment. Let’s strengthen those who are weaker and use our resources responsibly.

Fashion is an attitude

This year, too, a portion of every we samay order will be donated to the international children's rights organization Save the Children and to the environmental organization WWF .

The we samay donations are used in the areas of nutrition and health at Save the Children and for marine projects at the WWF.

fair fashion wwf marine protection

I look forward to an exciting 2023 with you.

A highlight in the new year will take place in January with the broadcast of the RTL documentary "The Everyday Fighters - Survival in Germany" . It will feature a we samay Mini Me outfit.

we samay on TV exceeded all my expectations.

fair fashion from Lake Constance we samay

Sustainable children's fashion dress girls organic cotton

In March there will be another highlight for we samay with the first fair fashion show.

Participation in the trade fair, new collection, range expansion and much more are also waiting for you and we samay in 2023.

I look forward to everything that comes and wish you all the best for this year. Thank you for supporting we samay.


Sarah Kokal Mini Me partner look we samay


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