Warum we samay die Kinderrechtsorganisation Save the Children unterstützt

Why we samay supports the children's rights organization Save the Children

Bearing social and ecological responsibility is a matter of course for us. You can find out why we samay supports the children's rights organization Save the Children in this we samay - we care about people and nature blog post.


“We are all a tiny part of a huge whole. With our limited time, we should decide for ourselves how to use it in the best and most meaningful way, for ourselves and for others.”

Sarah Kokal, founder of we samay

Sarah knew while she was still at school that she wanted to do work that would do something meaningful. This desire particularly solidified after she graduated from high school when she traveled through Southeast Asia. She was fascinated by the people and their attitude to life there. No matter how little people owned, they still seemed happier than we were.

This attitude was reinforced during Sarah's work as a volunteer at an orphanage in Cambodia.

“Never forget what you experienced there and what really counts.”

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Criteria for the right NGO

Our sustainable Mini Me brand we samay is designed for moms and the most valuable thing a mom has - her children.

We in Europe have the privilege of enjoying all the advantages of the modern world. We enjoy dressing up nicely. It's normal for us to think about which decorations we'll choose for the next children's birthday party or which gifts are on the wish list.

But what is normal for moms in other parts of the world? What thoughts accompany you every day? Can your child even “celebrate” his or her birthday?

For us at we samay, it is therefore absolutely important to be able to at least provide a little support to mothers and their children in difficult life circumstances. That's why we looked for the right NGO (non-governmental organization) whose values ​​we share, who uses their resources trustingly and who wants to work with startups. The fact that we samay is a startup and only has limited financial resources was an exclusion criterion for some NGOs not to work with us...

When looking for the right NGO, it was very important to us that it be politically, ideologically, economically and religiously independent. We don't want to leave people out because they belong to a certain religion or ethnicity.

Our opinion is:

“Where the need is greatest, that is where help should be given first.”

With Save the Children we finally found a reliable and committed partner who implements its goals responsibly and efficiently.

Save the Children - valuable work for children around the world

Every child deserves a future

With this conviction, Save the Children uncompromisingly and tirelessly supports the most disadvantaged children worldwide. With local roots in 120 countries, the world's leading independent children's rights organization (founded in England in 1919) knows the local situation exactly. This means that all projects are adapted to local conditions and help can be provided immediately in an emergency. Save the Children sustainably improves the living conditions of children who, for example, live in crisis areas, are on the run or grow up in slums.

“Our vision is a world where every child survives, learns and is protected.”

We at we samay support the vision and work of Save the Children 100 percent.

Save the Children has set clear goals to help disadvantaged children. We would like to highlight one of these goals in particular and support it, among other things, through our monthly monetary donation:

we may save the children

Ensuring health and survival

By 2030, no child under the age of five should die from preventable diseases.

Malnutrition is the cause of almost half of all child deaths. Malnourished children are more susceptible to diseases that could have been avoided with a nutritious diet. Hunger weakens children and their little bodies cannot fight sufficiently against illnesses such as diarrhea or pneumonia. Malnutrition in the first years of life also has serious consequences for the children who survive. Many suffer from physical and mental impairments throughout their lives.

Save the Children's nutrition programs for mothers, infants and newborns focus on the "first 1,000 days" - the period between pregnancy and a child's second birthday. They aim to ensure adequate food and nutrient intake for pregnant women and young children, effective feeding and care practices for infants and young children, and protection against infectious diseases.

Save the Children is therefore committed at national and international levels to implementing political and financial measures to improve health systems in developing countries. They work with governments and partners to develop poverty reduction strategies and improve basic health services such as mother-child care, immunization programs and prenatal care. In addition, Save the Children is committed to improving children's nutrition in order to save lives and enable them to develop healthily.

we may save the children

We are absolutely grateful to be able to support the valuable work of Save the Children and are happy to keep you updated several times a year about ongoing projects.


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